0By now, we know that crossing the nineteen age mark does not automatically a clear skin make. Studies have shown that 20% of adults have acne so this particular battle is being fought by quiet a number of people. However, adopting these habits have been proven to improve the skin:


Drinking water or eating it-whatever rocks your boat-is non-negotiable for good and hydrated skin. A poor water drinking habit leads to a dry, tight and flaky skin, has less resistance and is prone to wrinkles.  The recommended amount is at least eight glasses per day.


Regular exercise, in the form of walking , stretching, swimming and yoga, are a great way to get good skin. Exercise improves circulation, boosts oxygenation and stimulates the lymphatic flow.

Right Diet

Eschew processed foods, chemical colours and flavours  and sugars. Excess oil from these foods lead to inflammation of sebaceous glands, blockage of pores and breakouts.


Regular massages lead to refreshment of the skin and body, and improve skin tone and texture, minimise cellulite and relieve allergies.

Washing the Face

This should be done at least twice  everyday. The face wash before bed is especially important because it removes dirt and pollutants  that have gathered on the skin the whole day.


Source: africanwomanmagazine.net

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