I have a bad habit of asking questions to strangers. Not creepy questions. If I see an eccentric person, I would ask them questions and most of the time, when they are willing to answer, I learn a whole lot from that conversation. I have been called out for this habit too many times, and I haven’t managed to stop yet.

Do you want to know why I enjoy it so much ? Because it’s how I’ve learnt some of the most valuable lessons.

The one thing I have noticed the most, is that it is always the artists, innovators, leaders or amazing entrepreneurs that seem to live effortlessly and who are getting ahead in life. Sure, they have struggles too, but what is even more interesting is that they aren’t necessarily the most talented people in the world. They often are not the smartest or the most hard-working people either. Yet, somehow, they achieve much more than the rest of us.

What is it that makes their lives so extraordinary?

Khalil Gibran said: ” Your living is determined by not so much what life brings to you but by the attitude you bring to life. Not so much by what happens to you but by the way your mind looks at what happens.”

Now, this is much easier said than done, but I have dotted down a few (realistic) keys on how to live extraordinary.

1. Be confident: Do whatever you do without shying away. Be at ease with who you are in full knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses. Act in ways conveying that you are aware of your limitations but are happy regardless.

2. Blunt honesty: The truth is sometimes scary and difficult. However, when you tell the truth, you not only set yourself apart from the majority, but also set yourself free to live without worry of contradicting yourself.

3. Allow change: Change is inevitable. Deal with signs of resistance and keep in mind that only you can allow change to take place and make a difference.

4. Show unexpected kindness: A simple act of kindness, no matter how small, is a powerful thing. It not only benefits another person’s life but changes your perspective and experience of life drastically.

5. Give genuine feedback: Express authentic appreciation for those who deserve credit and know the time and place to give constructive criticism.

Seek out an opportunity to life an extraordinary life today!

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