We often hear the saying ‘The battlefield is in our minds’, but more often than not we forget and underestimate what a powerful statement this is. Our thoughts literally influence every aspect of our lives, our behavior, and relationships. We end up having a really bad day at work because we woke up thinking about how awfully long the week will be. We fight with our partners because we’re already thinking about how we’ll cope financially this month. We are miserable even before we get home at night because all the way on the bus we were thinking about how we really don’t want to go home.

The crazy thing about all of this is, you actually have the ability to choose your thoughts! You have the ability to decide what stays and what has to go! What is good for you and what is bad! What will make you entirely miserable and what will give you hope!  This may seem like an impossible task when emotions are high, but think about this for a few seconds. How many times has acting without thinking landed you in some serious trouble?

We live through our thoughts and because it is such an important part of who we are, we should make it a priority to be intentional about it.

Joyce Meyer has this cool saying that just stuck with me:

“Make sure that you think about what you’re thinking about.”

The mind is complex in understanding most times that you not only purposely think right thoughts, but that you go the extra mile and speak them out loud as personal confessions of faith (see Mark 4:24).

Our thoughts are not excluded from our reverence to God. It is a big part of it, choosing to think positively, choosing to believe what God says, choosing to think about His goodness is a sign that you’re acknowledging His place in your life.

The Bible tells us very simply that ‘As a man thinks, so he is’.  Your thoughts have tremendous power, set them straight today!

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