Your pain setback can be motivate your power comeback

Have you ever gone through a season that completely flawed you, and left you speechless and battered and broken? So much so, that all you see is your mess and brokenness, and you don’t even know how you are going to move forward.

I know for me personally, I have had seasons where I have felt completely broken, that all I could feel and see was my pain and disappointment. I knew that the season had moved on, yet my heart was still living in that broken space. I did not know how to move forward, as all I could see before me was darkness.

When friends or family would say: “It will get better, this too shall pass”, my heart could not find confidence or hope in those statements, until I had a conversation with somebody who said “Your pain will be your strength, that will ultimately help and encourage others who will go through something similar.”

In that moment I felt hope and courage shake things up in my heart, and I felt the following become my pillars and foundation for going forward :

  • My pain and heartache would turn into something strong.
  • Not only will I grow in this pain and discomfort, but will encourage somebody else.

Ultimately it meant that my pain had purpose, that could redefine and encourage somebody else who is going through something similar. Which meant I could either decide that my pain could either define me indefinitely or I could redefine it into something that had the power to encourage others that were inflicted with similar pain.

Getting past the pain

Redefine your pain

  • Just know that your pain does not have the last say, and it most certainly does not define who you are. You have choice when it comes to overcoming your pain, or constantly living in it. Therefore, choose wisely when it comes to your health and emotional wellbeing.

It takes time

  • You will heal in time. You may not forget the cause of your pain, but you will feel start to feel whole again. Be patient and gentle with yourself as you find healing.

Be real about your pain

  • One of the best things that I have found to be true for me is when I have acknowledge when pain has entered my heart, and I communicate it to those that I trust. Why? If I choose to ignore it, or downplay it I let it linger, and I keep the emotional wound unattended to. But, if I am honest with myself and with those that I trust about my pain – I have accountability when it comes to healing and moving forward.

Continue to speak life and courage over your future

  • This year I have placed large focus on speaking life regardless of my emotions, fears, and anxiety. Although I may feel overwhelmed, I speak power, life and positive things over my situations. That in turn changes my mental attitude, and encourages me to continue to hope in confidence when it comes to moving forward, regardless of my situation.

When it feels too much lean into God’s presence

  • There are days where life feels a little bit too heavy to carry alone. If I had to be honest with you, I feel like that most days, overwhelmed and unable. But thank goodness, in those pressing unbearable moments I run to God like my life depended on it! I find a quiet space, where I openly and honestly let Him know how I feel and how I am struggling.

Purpose and power in our pain

Because He is God, He already knows my cares and concerns, I just need to acknowledge it for myself that I cannot cope on my own and that I need His help. In those moments, I feel a weight shift off of my heart and shoulders, because I know that God cares for all the details when it comes to my life and together we are an unstoppable force.

If you are going through heartache that feels unbearable, just know that God can comfort and heal every heartache because He cares so dearly for you. He can’t take your pain, and turn into something beautiful, something that can strength, hope and courage into not only your heart but into the hearts of others who encounter you!

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