I grew up in central Africa and I observed a trend among young people, young men specifically. They would gang up on the corner of a street, and for a whole afternoon they would criticize the government, talk about what wasn’t going well in the country and who they believed should be the next Head of State who would change things and improve their lives.  They believed that the future was something that would “happen” and all they had to do was to sit and wait for the government to get things in order.

Recently, I had the privilege to listen to a teaching from my Pastor who is an influential speaker and he shared something very profound on how different people perceive life and why some are achieving great things and others aren’t. His idea is that the life we often dream of, that bright future that we picture every night when we comb our minds, will not just happen as time goes by. Life is filled with many certainties and uncertainties. There are things we know will definitely happen in life, such as aging and dying. None of us is getting younger.  On the other hand, life also has its surprises. We can plan, have all our ducks in a row but we are not guaranteed success. So because of these certainties and uncertainties, a wise person should make every day of his/her life a big event!

Sitting and waiting for things to come our way is the mistake many have made while life keeps moving and we are advancing in age. Standing at the corner of a street everyday waiting for a political shift in your country for you to get on with your life is a terrible waste of time.

So because we know that it is fact that we are aging, 10 years from now we will not have the same energy and opportunities that we have today, one has to use his/her time wisely, live with wisdom. What does it mean to live with wisdom? Living with wisdom implies the 3 things:

1. Be prepared: Work on your skills and polish them so that when you meet an opportunity, you are ready to embrace it.

2. Be practical: Focus on the moment.

3. Be passionate: pursue your dream passionately. Put effort in what you do and you will definitely stand out.

Now that you know these things, be committed, dedicated in what you do and make your decisions wisely, you have but a limited time here on earth and in you lies everything you need to succeed, so make your life count! If you’d like to know more on living a purposeful life, click on the banner below. YOUR FUTURE IS NOW!