Your conversation with God

Yes. You have one. An ongoing conversation with God. You might try to tell me that you have no reference of God – that there is no way you could speak to Him, since you’re not sure He exists. You could try to convince me that it is insanity to speak to someone who isn’t visible, or that you will never hear anything back. But I truly believe every single one of us are having a daily conversation with God – whether we like it or not. Whether we care or not. God is speaking to us continually – hoping that we will respond.

It’s okay if you’re cynical. I definitely would have been a few years ago. Below I have written out a few conversations that people are having with God right now… You might just find yourself identifying with one or two of them.

“Oh my God…”

It’s an expletive that has gone around the world – considered blasphemy by some, an honest cry by others – you will find yourself crying out for Him from moments of excitement to terrible tragedies.

“Thank you Lord…”

Proper moment of appreciation in times of great achievement – found in awards speeches and prize-winning ‘Good Samaritan’ television shows.

“I’m sorry there’s no way you’re real..”

That’s a legitimate statement. But if you find yourself saying this – as I have done – you have to realize that your words are directed towards something. That ‘other’ that’s meant to receive what you say. In hard times it’s easier to say something like:

“If you were really who you say you are, you wouldn’t have let this happen.”

It’s a desperate flailing of our souls – trying to find something to blame – something that can ‘take the punch’ for your sorrow.

“I just don’t have time”

God consistently hears that response. Definitely characteristic of our manic generation.

“Oh Father I come before you in humble trembling”

A valid prayer within context, but so easily the formality negates the true conversational intention God cares about.

As I have said before – God is consistently speaking to us. He’s wanting to engage with you and empathise with you. He wants to show you His wonder and broaden your perspective so that you can overcome your current situations. God just wants to talk – to know how you are feeling and what matters to you. He also wants to let you know what matters to Him.

If you want to attempt actually starting an intentional conversation with God, can I encourage you to click on the link below to find out more about how you do this? As you learn to know His character and experience His goodness for yourself I believe you will find yourself inspired like never before.

Did this piece of content speak to you about what is happening in your life today?