Famous National Geographic Photographer, Steve McCurry shows off some of his very special shots in this inspiring short clip about his career. But he also touches on something important that applies to all of us, no matter what keeps us busy day to day.

At 1:19 Steve says “I can’t imagine a better way to spend your life than travelling, and photographing, and just seeing this incredible world that we live in.” A lot of us are jealous of this guy’s life, right? But I want to zoom on this statement for a moment.

travelling” The truth is… we are all travelling (even if you are geographically situated in one place most of the time, you are still travelling through time every day, right?).

photographing” Are you taking photos most days? Why not? Each day is a once-off and something about will be worth freezing in time if you are looking for it. Photography is definitely not just for photographers like Steve. It is for anyone with a camera, a phone or a friend who is happy to share!   Keep one close to your side all the time, Traveller.

seeing this incredible world that we live in”   Do we really try to see it? Do we recognize how fascinating and beautiful this life is? See the world as a photographer and you’ll see more of the world…

So pick up that camera. Get out that phone.   In fact, why not do it now?  You are a Photographer.


There. I just did! The world. Through my eyes. Right now. I’m calling it #iamseeing. Not an exciting shot, admittedly. But it is authentic, it is mine, and it has just helped me to stop and take a good look before jumping back into this crazy-paced race of life.

Why not send us your own #iamseeing shot here at 1Africa now?   I dare you.

You are a Photographer.


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