The colour of your blood, the colour of your skin, true representation of what’s happening within?

I dare not try and judge nor hate nor fight and kill for mine, delighting in a foreign man’s struggle for his life?

What about equality, unity and loyalty?  We’re acting just like animals, controlled like lifeless machinery.

But who put you up to this barbaric life, who said you have the final say on who lives or dies?

Who is to blame for your deep found rage, who flipped the switch on your will for change?


Apartheid governments, black regimes, statues, Xenophobia, too much violence has flooded the scene.

How many more will mourn in vain, for this stupid mediocrity – my final gain?

This life on Earth will never be perfect, but for goodness’ sake South Africa, rise again.

Your strength comes from unity, love for the brotherhood; not shedding endless blood because, you’re misunderstood.

We can play this game of blame and this game of misfortune, the loser of the day is not the victim or the culture.


The responsibility lies with each one of us, decide to make the right decision, and live your life for others.

Bridges have been burnt. Yes, people are concerned. Yes, our future can be bright. Yes, now I’ve seen the light.

Change begins inside, it begins with me. Me, understanding that there are right ways of doing things, murder was never on the cards!


South Africa, let’s join as one, rising above.  Let’s show the world who we really are, how we really love; unconditionally!