One of my favourite pastimes is watching TV; more specifically animated TV programs. I love cartoons; I find they work best in clearing and emptying the mind. One of my favourite old school cartoon programs has to be “The Powerpuff Girls”,  a story about 3 big eyed girls who became superheroes of the town that they live in, after the professor who was creating them accidentally added a secret ingredient to the recipe he was using.

In one of the episodes, Blossom, the “leader” of the group, failed a training task. After making a fatal error in judgement, she watched her efforts all fall apart right in front of her. She completely let herself get overwhelmed by her apparent failure and how it “represented her”. She let it affect her so much that it hindered her performance, not only endangering her sisters but the tiny Townsville community as well. Her self worth was incorrectly placed and it caused her to not only fail at the task, but also in life. Yes, I believe that you fail in life when your self worth is placed in the wrong source because you’re not living to be who you’re supposed to be but rather striving towards being who you think others would like you to be.

Welcome to the story of all of our lives! It’s no secret that we as people have a terrible habit if under/over estimating our worth. For whatever reason, we’re all prone to either not believing in ourselves enough or thinking too highly of ourselves, often affecting and/or limiting our relationships with others. Understanding our worth is probably one of the most fundamental yet highly underrated aspects of our lives, because knowing our value and our worth ultimately helps us determine and understand our purpose.

I recently read a fact about how Louis Vuitton discards all their unsold products by burning them at the end of each year because they refuse to sell them at discounted prices. At first I thought the company was being completely stupid and ridiculously selfish, but then I realised just how much the company valued their brand. The worth of Louis Vuitton products does not come from how many they sell in a year but rather to whom the products are sold. In understanding this, the purpose of Louis Vuitton products is therefore, to serve (or be owned by) an exclusively elite group of people and not the entire world.

Understanding Your Worth

You, just like a Louis Vuitton product, are highly valued (maybe a little more than a Louis Vuitton product – ok a lot more)! You are worth so much, that all your failings (past, present and future), regardless of size or seriousness, were already taken care of by your Creator, before you were even born. You were created for the purposes of One and not the world and your Creator paid a great price to make that happen.

So how dare you doubt your existence and undermine your value just because you don’t feel like you’re significant or good enough?! How dare you hold out in your life because you don’t feel like you’ve got anything to offer?!! How dare you accuse your Creator of making a mistake creating you just because you don’t feel like you have a purpose.

Feelings can get the better of us. If we let them, feelings will make us wonder if our lives really have any kind of meaning to the world and of course they do. So, it’s high time we got our act together, changed our mindsets and took control of our feelings, because no matter what they tell you, you are valued – YES! YOU MATTER!!!!

Your worth has nothing to do with what you can and cannot do (no matter how you feel) but rather in who (and whose) you are. Believe it or not there’s a reason for you! And regardless of what you may think and/or how you may feel… your existence is important, your life has an impact on the world – live to make it a great and lasting one!

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