Worship God!  That’s what the Word of God directs us to do, but that should just be a reminder of something we want to do anyway.  At least it should be.  I’m convinced we all worship something.  We give someone or something free reign in our lives because we deem them important enough and they give us what we need.  I’ve had to think long and hard about what it is in my life that very easily distracts me from honouring God with my time and efforts.

Life is made to be enjoyed and we have much to make us smile, but there are always those things that somehow throw our lives off balance.  The big thing for me has been to make time for exercise.  It is such an important part of my life and so it should be. It requires discipline to get to training every day, and eat smart and remain focused and motivated, but at what cost?  I know people that spend a lot of time preparing for races and yet, make just as much time to spend with God or giving of their time in serving in the communities or in their churches. Despite the many facets their lives may have, they somehow manage to find balance, and the results shine brightly for all to see.

I’ve been caught in many an imbalanced situation.  Shift this, or postpone that, or simply avoid the other thing, to ensure I get to training.  When last did I make such a great effort to cancel, shuffle or decline a training session, just so I could hang with God for an hour or 2 without my training shoes on?  When indeed?  So there’s the rub:  how are my values listed if I wrote them down?  Where would the round of golf, or time at the pub or jog around the track or time on the sofa watching that 3 hour action adventure movie compare to time spent getting to know your Creator better; to know His heart for you and the world and getting direction for your life and that of your family?  Is it a case of “not now God I’m busy, thanks” and then complaining that “I simply don’t have time to spend with God, because life is so busy, you know!”

We all love to worship, but we don’t always worship God

John chapter 4 from verse 23 speaks about us needing to worship God in Spirit and truth.  That is the kind of worship that pleases the heart of God.  My whole heart needs to be in it.  Every part of me should long to be with the One who saved me.  I want to share my heart with Him and hear what His plan is for my day, my week and my life. I would like to remind Him that I think He’s great and mighty and all that I need!  I desire to worship Him in spirit and truth.

I’m pretty good at doing ‘spirit and truth’ to a whole lot of things around me.  I’m made to be passionate, but directing my passion needs attention.  It always will, because God deserves my best, yet my best is often set aside for something else.  My God is a jealous God but also slow to anger and rich in love.  I’m not one for wanting to abuse the grace extended to me, so I think it’s that time again, that comes around every now and again.  I call it: ‘Introspection, then correction and redirection, making peace with my lack of perfection.’  At least I know the guy I want to be.  Or at least I’m working off the blueprint.

Introspection, then correction and redirection, making peace with my lack of perfection

“God, please give me the strength and the ability to enjoy what you have given me and what you have placed around me, because it’s part of the blessing of knowing you. Please help me above all, to acknowledge you in your rightful place, as Lord of it all.  Once I have the wisdom of how things should fit together with you at the Head, life will start to make more sense I’m sure, and I will start to experience life to the full and thrive.  Thank you for accepting me just as I am and always seeing to it that I never stay that way.  You are good; all the time. Amen.”

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