“Please God, just make this stop!” I found myself uttering those words from a place of complete despair and disappointment. Have you ever been through a season where you feel completely devastated, broken and shattered into a million broken pieces? A place that you just don’t even have the words to describe?

I know I have on a few occasions. Moments where I did not know if I would be able to get through it and see the light in it all. Occasions where I felt so overwhelmed by heartache that I lost all hope and inner strength to want to push through it.

But God?!?!

In the midst of the crushing season: “Hey, wait I can’t do this by myself all in my own strength!”

I realise, 

“Maybe I should ask God to help and take it all away! Because in the Bible it says we should come to Him to find rest and healing! So, I’m going to ask Him to make the pain stop, and to take all of my problems away with a click of a finger?!”

But then nothing! It’s all still there – the pain, and the reality of the situation, still there all around me!


Why me?

Why this?

Why won’t you help me and make it all disappear?

Here’s why:

  • A relationship with God isn’t an insurance policy.  It doesn’t mean that we won’t face difficulties: The Bible never promised that.  A relationship with God through His Son Jesus means that whatever we face, we NEVER face it alone.  If we accept we need help in our lives and surrender our own will to God’s, recognising that we need Jesus to save us from our mess, He promises that He will never leave us.
  • God will grace us to walk through trying seasons, however, it will require us to do the walking.
  • God will help to heal our hearts, but we too have to play our part. That may mean forgiving others, forgiving ourselves, asking for forgiveness. It may require us to be intentional about speaking things into our hearts that breathes fresh life and restoration into those broken spaces. For me personally, I look to the Bible, and take the promises found in it and speak over my situation. That action in itself stirs my faith, hope and confidence.
  • We learn that we are stronger and more than capable of going and growing through difficult seasons. Which in turn shapes and strengthens our character, which in turn will prepare and equip us for seasons that lay ahead!

Just know that God has not forgotten about you, or about your cares and disappointments. In fact, He is right there with you, in the middle of it, cheering you on. He has faith in you, and He will walk with you as you overcome challenges.

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