You have one rule to follow, and at face value it seems like a pretty easy rule at that.

Don’t eat of the fruit of that one tree. You can eat as much fruit of any of the other trees available to you, but just not that one, big, beautiful tree, standing in the middle of the garden.

For the first couple of days or even weeks, things go well. It is almost as if you don’t see that tree at all. That is, until someone asks you why you should not eat from that tree. At that point that tree becomes the center of your thoughts. No matter what you do, you cannot stop to think about that tree.

I am sure this story sounds familiar, since it is a rough retelling of the story of Adam and Eve, found in the book of Genesis. Take some time, and change the characters, and that one sin in your life that keeps on tripping you, to fall flat on your face, and you will probably recognize this story in your own life as well.

If you were to read a bit further in the Bible you soon find out that the first time you will find God showing mercy is right after this story, since Adam and Eve get kicked out of the garden of Eden, but not killed, as was the promise in the beginning.

In Proverbs 28:13 it says the following:


Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy.


We all have sins. Sometimes we think some of them are bigger than another’s sins, but in the eyes of God there is sin, nothing more and nothing less. The key to living a life of peace and prosperity is that we need to make sure not to try and bury our sins. Not from God, and also not from our fellow believers. Bring them out into the open, even if it is really hard, and start to experience the freedom that brings.

God wants us all to be free, and not to be burdened by our sins. Satan on the other hand wants us all to stay focused on our sins, and to lose sight of the mercy, goodness and grace that Jesus showed us on the cross. If you focus on your sins, you remain exactly where Satan wants you, but if you simply turn your eyes to Jesus, you will see how small your sins are in comparison to what Jesus did for you on the cross.

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Author: Coenraad Fick
Twitter: @coenraadfick
Instagram: @coenraadf