Are you a mom? Do you hope to be one someday? Moms carry so much weight and responsibility when it comes to caring for and nurturing our children.┬áMoms are on duty all day and night and rarely get a break. Here’s why moms really need a break:

We can all agree that we love our children and would do anything for them. If you’re not a mom yet, you’ll see when you have children of your own, how true this is. However, constantly caring for and looking after children can be tiring, if not downright exhausting.

Take for instance a mom of two children, both under the age of two years old. Just as she is feeding the one, the other starts crying. As she puts one down to sleep, the other wakes up. It’s a never-ending loop of running up and down from morning ’til night. It’s not just the working moms we should hail as heroes, but the stay at home moms who never get a break.

Taking a break as a mom is so important. You can’t be a great mom if you are frustrated, irritable, tired or overwhelmed. Believe it or not, you will be a better mom if you take a break than if you just tough it out. Give yourself a chance to miss your child/children. And give them a chance to miss you.

It may seem impossible to find a way to take a break. Here are some things that have helped me:

  1. Do something for yourself – Much of what we do as moms is for others. When it’s time for you to take a break, spoil yourself. I recently redeemed a voucher I have had for months and got my toe nails painted. You’ll be surprised how a change of pace and scenery can help calm and refresh you.
  2. Let others help you – Let your husband bath the kids while you read a magazine and drink a cup of tea. Alternatively, ask an older sibling to watch over the kids as they sleep so that you can take a nap yourself. Don’t try to do it alone. People are willing to help, even if they don’t offer. Just ask.

Moms are incredible and are a vital pillar in every family, so look after yourself. A relaxed and rested mom is the best kind of mom there is. Take a break, you’re worth it.

Finding real and lasting rest can often only come from a relationship with Jesus Christ. To find out how you can know this rest, click on the link below or on the pop up.

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