We have probably all asked this question at some point. Whether your hair is relaxed, just gone through the “big chop” or been natural for a while, sometimes it seems like our hair is stuck at length X and is destined to remain that way no matter what.

We all have a unique hair growth cycle which is mostly determined by genetics. On average, this cycle lasts between 2-6 years. This means that if you aren’t suffering from any underlying health issues, then your hair IS growing! However, the truth is, afro-textured hair is the most fragile hair type of all which makes it the most vulnerable to damage and breakage. Although your hair is continually growing, it may be breaking just as fast, giving the appearance that your hair growth has been stunted. Let’s have a look at some of the culprits:

Poor diet: They say you are what you eat, and if you’re filling up on a lot of junk, fried and greasy foods, your hair could really suffer. Your total body health is absolutely essential for improved hair growth. After the critical functioning organs, hair, skin and nails receive our body’s nutrition last so you have to be sure that you are eating a well-balanced and nutrient-packed diet so that these parts are not left out. If not, your hair will certainly pay the price.

You always want to be sure that you are getting enough protein, B-vitamins and iron for your body’s needs. Generally, foods that are high in nutritional value such as fish, nuts, green leafy veggies along with enough water are recommended for strong healthy hair and scalp.

Unhealthy hair care practices: Our hair gets its strength from protein and elasticity from moisture, so we need to “feed” it with both. Without these building blocks, hair will be weak, brittle and prone to breakage during combing, styling or any other manipulation. For starters, your product kit should contain a cleanser (shampoo), 2 conditioners (moisture and protein), a moisturizer and oil.

Along with these products, you should invest in proper tools for handling your hair. Rough handling can cause breakage over time resulting in poor length retention. Use your fingers or a seamless wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair while it’s wet. Use a T-shirt to pat your hair dry after washing it, rather than a towel. Cover your hair with a satin cap at night, to prevent loss of moisture to a cotton pillowcase.


Source: africanwomanmagazine.net