I sat in bed and found myself staring out my window. I caught myself feeling guilty that I was just sitting there doing nothing. But then this thought occurred to me: Maybe sometimes doing nothing is okay.

Our culture today is so fast-paced. We always have to be doing something. I think we can sometimes find validation for who we are by what we do.

Think about it for a minute. Even when we go on leave from work or break from studying, we want to plan every minute of our break-away. Have you ever come back from holiday more exhausted than when you left? That’s because we are obsessed with doing things and being busy.

I know I’m going to sound old saying this, but remember the good old days? Before cell phones and hundreds of TV channels? Do you remember how your grandparents used to sit on the porch and just be? Sometimes being alone with your thoughts is a good thing, and not something to avoid at any cost.

Sometimes our brains need to shut off

We are extraordinary beings, with our brains working at 100km per minute. But sometimes, our brains need a break too. Just to be still, with no stimulation, nothing to process, nothing to solve – just to be. Taking some time out to just do nothing could be like a power nap for your brain!

Silence is golden

We live in such a loud world. Whether its traffic, our phones ringing, the TV blaring or music playing in our ears, there is rarely any moments of quiet. When last did you hear the birds singing, or listen for the sounds of nature? There’s so much constant noise around us that I think it’s made us think that’s normal.

Peace and quiet is an underrated life-saver! Why not take a few minutes this week and just do nothing. Be alone with your thoughts, listen to nature around you, stare out a window. I think you’ll find it more refreshing and rejuvenating than you thought possible.

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