A colleague of mine shared with me an amazing quote from rising hip-hop artist, Andy Mineo. For those who may not know him, Mineo belongs to a new generation of hip-hop artists who are sharpening their art, infiltrating the mainstream and are passionate about sharing their faith within that context. In other words, they refuse to be boxed and referred to as ‘Christian rappers’ but simply as rappers who will not hide who and what they believe in as they engage the industry.

Anyway, Andy Mineo said this on Facebook:

A pastor friend of mine once told me “I should have the easiest job in the world. I tell people about a God who made them, who knows every dark secret about them and yet loves them, who pursues them even when they’re disobedient, who takes the punishment for their wrongs, who desires the best for them & wants to have a relationship with them that will satisfy their deepest longings.” Yet we run from Him like the plague. Recently I’ve asked myself this question. “Why is it so hard to love such a lovable God?” There is nothing wrong with Him. There is something deeply wrong with us.

Reading this made me realize that life is full of so many contradictions. Probably the greatest of all contradictions – at least in my view anyway – is me. Us. Humans. We oftentimes love what we shouldn’t and shun what we should love. Why do we do that? There seems to be something rebellious and almost self-destructive in us that pulls us towards what is likely to swallow us up in the end.

Anyone who has ever read the Bible will know that it is a book that is full of promises and loaded with the expression of God’s love for humanity. Yet, it is amazing how society is slowly but surely doing all to turn away from God and shut Him out of everything that matters.

What’s your take on this? Do you agree that most of what we do and the decisions we make as people communicate the hatred of God?

On the flipside, if you are on a journey of faith where you want to stop ‘running’ from God and are interested to know more about God and even discover a relationship with Him, please click on the link below and watch the video that follows.