Back in the ’90’s there was an animated film that came out called, “All Dogs Go to Heaven.” It was a cute movie but it has me thinking, who goes to heaven? Does everyone go or only those¬†who’ve done good deeds?

What is your idea of heaven? Most of us think of heaven as a place to go when we die. People may think it’s full of bright lights, flowers and people floating on clouds and playing harps.

Although the Bible mentions Heaven over 500 times, it doesn’t give a lot of information about what it looks like or what we will do there. But what it does tell us is this:

Heaven is a real place

Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean that it isn’t real. Jesus Himself said that He is going there to prepare a place for those who love and follow Him.

You can go there

God is not trying to make it difficult for us to get to heaven. He has prepared it for us so that we can enjoy it with Him. The problem today is that people have over complicated things and made heaven into this mysterious, elusive and impossible to get to destination. The Bible is very clear on this. One of the most well-known Bible verses is this one found in John 3:16. It tells us that because God loved every single person so much, He sent His Son Jesus to die on cross because the blood that Jesus spilled would pay for all the wrong things we could ever have done. It’s all these things that actually separate us from knowing God fully.

God made a way and provided the solution for all the pain and suffering in the world. It’s simple. This is how you get to heaven.

Believe that Jesus paid for all your mistakes by dying on a cross.

Believe that He miraculously rose from the dead.

Give Him control of your life so that your eyes can be opened to a new way of living.

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