If you’re like me, at one point or another you’ve stopped and asked yourself that question none of us ever really wants to talk about: is there life after death? Another way we often ask the question is more personal: where will I go when I die?

It’s an unpleasant question, that’s for sure. It touches on a part of existence that is heavy, difficult and depressing and yet we still want to know. Whether the thoughts come up in unprompted moments of deep reflection or after we have seen death come very close to us, we are curious. Most times, we pretend not to care but in reality, the majority of us do. We have a fascination with knowing if this life is all there is to it or if, perhaps, there is something more ‘on the other side’.

We have just come out of the holiday and festive season and, as it happens every year tragically, many have not made it into the new year because of accidents and other disasters. What was meant to be a season of celebration and anticipation of new things is now a time to mourn and say goodbye. As this post is being written, teams are out  searching the Java Sea and looking for bodies from AirAsia Flight 8501 while, in the Philippines, a tropical storm has taken dozens of lives. Others have lost dear and loved ones in very different circumstances. Whichever way you look at it, it hurts.

We just never know when our time will come but it will come. When it does, what happens next?

As this new year begins, it may be good to do some introspection before the hustle and bustle overtakes you and possibly makes you lose perspective. Do you ever think about your legacy and try to live your life with faith and hope in an eternity that lies ahead?

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