Where is God?!  This question gets asked more times than I could even imagine.  Where is God in the tough times?  Where is He when the world is in chaos, when people destroy one another, when my own life seems to be falling to pieces?

I remember going through a very difficult time last year, it felt like I was slipping into a form of depression and it affected a few areas of my life.  It was difficult and was so hard to see the light of day; and most of all, it challenged my trust in God.  Where was He in all of this chaos?

The process was very tough and it took its toll on me, but God was faithful, He was with me, and He taught me so much during the process.

What if my life is good and things are working out for me?  When things go well with me, do I have the right to say: “God is with me, and God is good to me?”  It’s so easy to declare that God is good and faithful, amazing and always knows best, in the good times, the easy times.  What about the real hardships, those ‘desert moments’ where I am forced to endure?  Is God still with me, is He still faithful, even in those dark and difficult moments?

Perhaps your life seems dark and hardships are all around.

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