Every so often it hits you.  Like a brick in the face or a boot to the head.  It’s obvious and unapologetic, that dreaded feeling of being uninspired!  Is it possible that people procrastinate because they haven’t formally figured out a working process to see the task to completion or could it be a lack of inspiration?  I personally think both are very real reasons for not getting the job done, but let’s focus on when you feel uninspired.

Let’s be honest here, you and I will not always feel excited about every task placed in our care, not every single one of them is going to cause us to break out in song!  So, what do we do when that awkward feeling comes over us, that feeling of like “can I delegate this task to someone else please?”

For me, it begins with my attitude.

If I feel bleak about the task at hand, I know that I urgently need to snap out of it and get interested and excited about it.  Once my attitude is in check, I then move to project planning.  This enables me to see the end from the beginning, the various processes along the way and this also gives me the opportunity to possibly get other people involved and excited.

The environment I find myself in also plays a huge role in the creative process involved.  If you are expected to be highly creative and you are working in a very corporate environment, chances are you will be very clinical and rigid in your thinking.  If however, you work with colour, with music or any other stimulating factors, your creation will be exciting and adventurous!  Don’t shun your imagination, it’s your imagination that you want stimulated!  Let the creativity flow!

Are you feeling uninspired today?  It’s actually okay!  You certainly are not alone in your experience.  Even an overcast sky could influence your levels of inspiration, so don’t stress too much about it!  Remember that there is a big difference between being uninspired and having writer’s block, designer’s block, or any other block.  My advice to any and all who are feeling uninspired:  Find an article, a video, a song or a person to spark some excitement, some inspiration.  Even a quick and casual walk in the street could inspire you and spark a creative idea!