Often without realizing it, we become so accustomed to all the; “NO, you can’t!” that the world lavishly throws at us, that it becomes our norm. “No you can’t do it, No, you’re not good enough, No, you will never amount to anything, No you can’t have; faith, hope, joy or confidence in who you are and the season you are in. No, No, No , NO!”

When the world says no

All the “no’s” may have become our normal way of thinking and affect how we perceive everything around us. Maybe some of you grew up in homes, where you were told time and time again: “No, you are not good enough.” Maybe you were in an abusive relationship, where your partner made you feel like you were insignificant. Maybe someone rejected you, which in turn made you feel like you weren’t good enough. Maybe you were bullied by others growing up, and you have always felt like an outcast.

All the NO’s have now shaped your identity, your confidence, your sense of self-worth, value and significance. You see yourself with a broken light, with a negative broken perspective.

Yet, we can still choose

We can choose to fall prey and victim to living a: “No, I can’t” lifestyle, or we can choose to rise above it and gain a new fresh reality and perspective on living a: “yes, I can!” lifestyle. We have a choice, we can choose to live a “yes, I can” despite what the world says, or we can live with the “no, I can’t, and no I won’t”, because that’s all we know and want to believe.

Funny how that without even realizing it at times, we tend to follow and allow all the negative to have the biggest influence, the last say, and ultimate driving force that ends up ruling our lives.

Because God says yes

There was a season in my life where I let all my personal “No, you can’t, No, you won’t” prevent me from living a life that was full of joy, freedom, creativity, and confidence. I believed in all the disappointments that the world threw at me. Until, I encountered a personal revelation of who God was, and I went on a journey of understanding how much He loves me, and held tight onto His promises and the beautiful “Yes, you can” thoughts that He had towards me. Now, I choose to rise above disappointment, I choose to seek good in and amongst the storm, I confidently step out in faith with full expectation regardless of what the world says.


  • Because God loves us unconditionally.
  • Because God created us with and for purpose.
  • Because says we are fearfully and wonderfully made, because we are created in His image.
  • Because God believes in us, even when we don’t.
  • Because God wants the best for us, always!

When we choose to follow God, and we let His promises shape our thoughts – we start to live with a “Yes, I can, because God says I can” mentality. When we let Gods truth and promises shape, inspire, and influence us, we no longer need the world to determine and dictate our steps and actions. We should let God lead us; let His love and promises shape us, and motivate us to move forward and to overcome all obstacles. If God can do it for me, He can do it for you!

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