The other day I came across a photo posted by one of my friends on Facebook of Easter eggs. Yes, packs of chocolate coated, marshmallow Easter eggs already filling the aisles of a shop! People are still busy greeting each other with a cheerful: ‘Happy New Year!’ after the holidays, with beach sand in their shoes and I thought to myself, ‘why the rush? Easter is only in April!’

But this ‘rush’ seems to be evident everywhere, especially in shopping malls, walking past a fashion store with mannequins already waving goodbye to summer, embracing the colours of autumn. Come on! We are currently experiencing hot summer days, and I don’t feel like stocking up on winter attire right now.

I guess this fast-forwarding is something we might have grown used to over the years, even seen as routine. I remember as a child it felt like I had all the time in the world and waiting for my next birthday felt like an eternity. Now, in my late twenties, birthdays fly by with a quick dinner party, faces and flowers. I want to say: STOP THE CLOCK!

Let’s all take a deep breath and savour the present moment for as long as we can. Life is a wonderful gift, wrapped in the currency of time. We can decide how we invest our time (well not always at some traffic lights), but once you have lost it you can never get it back. Spend it with the people you love. Don’t waste another second worrying about silly things that take up your valuable time.

Let God, the creator of time, guide you in your everyday life and you will see your life flourish. Savour the moment. Be in the present. Don’t waste time living in the past or future.

And of course, when Easter does arrive please enjoy every Easter egg you get!



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