What Is The Truth?

I recently heard a woman talk about astroturf.  Yes, it’s the name given to artificial grass that never needs watering or mowing, but in this context, it was used to refer to a fake grassroots story.  This journalist was implying that larger corporations, pharmaceutical companies and the like, have paid PR professionals that create and manage social media platforms that push a particular agenda.  She even mentioned that there are non-profit organisations created by these mighty corporations to act almost as fronts that encourage us that all that is being said, is in fact true.  So it’s layer upon layer of deceit, with every angle covered.  So called ‘independent research’ is not independent at all but is actually funded by these big companies and they even present training seminars to convince professionals even further and train them in these areas, and these are also funded by the large corporations.  So from the very grass root level, things are not as they seem.  It’s all a conspiracy theorist’s nirvana really, and it’s enough to garner a few truck loads of ‘I told you so!’  Having listened to her talk, and giving it a pretty darn good dose of my own thoughts, I’ve come to thinking that maybe there is a bit of truth here.  I enjoy reading up on the latest local political trends, and I’ve come to enjoy the creativity of the spin doctors, and how often you want to give yourself a good old face palm when you hear the kind of political drivel they serve up to try and convince us why certain things were said or done a particular way, and I feel like I can see right through it.  But many don’t and simply swallow all the propaganda.  I’m sure it’s happened the other way around many times as well.  Very little is as it seems and fear mongering aside, we need to understand that when money and power are up for grabs, people are willing to do anything.  There must be a lot of truth in this ‘astroturfing’, but then, you have to ask the next logical question: What is the truth?  I don’t know.  Perhaps, in certain areas of life we need to just go with out gut feelings, a good dose of wisdom, and some trial and error.  But how can we be so unsure of what is the absolute truth in some areas? In and among all the ‘astroturfing’ there must be something that is actually truth.  The unfabricated, propaganda-less chunk of what is really going on; unpolluted by ill intent or greed.  Is there such a thing? There must be, but I doubt that we’ll ever know.

I’ve come to realise that almost everything requires questioning of some kind or the other.  I’ve been really open in this forum about my Christianity.  We all are, here at 1Africa.  We are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus and it’s ability to bring freedom and hope, despite what we see around us.  Have I even questioned my beliefs?  Of course.  I have tens and tens of books that form part of my journey and to build my faith and direct me and of course, the Bible is on top of that list.  I’ve come to realise, from many incredible experiences, and having seen my life and actions shift because of what I’ve chosen to believe, that what I’ve read in the Bible is truth.  That journey is something we all need to take.  We all seem to have developed trust issues and have become skeptical, but choosing the base on which you want to build your lives is not something to be taken lightly.  I know that what I read in the Bible is true because I’ve seen it in action in my life and even when I can’t fully explain something, I exercise FAITH.  That is the key here.  You will hear opinions all day long, for and against, but I choose to say it’s true, because I’ve applied faith and I stand firm on that.  I keep it simple and in line with God’s desires for my life and exercise wisdom around all the extra bits that come flying in from every angle.  It’s part of my journey and I can’t help but wonder what journey you’re on.  Do you have questions and are you struggling to deal with a particular concept?  Do you need every single question answered, or are you happy to run on faith?

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