It’s the ultimate question. Right? What is the meaning of life? Philosophers have been at it for years. They’ve written books and papers, about the books and papers which they wrote. They have sat in discussions between the greatest philosophical minds and discovered… Many theories. The fact remains, regardless of whatever theory you plug-in, humans need meaning attached to our lives. We need the WHY.

Tell someone to clean the toilet and they will say NO. Tell someone to clean the toilet because of x hygiene reason, the impact it has on guests when they come to your home, how you feel as a co-habitor when you sit on someone else’s dirty toilet and all of a sudden the outcome is different. Better. Why? Because we need a why.

So how do we find meaning in life? What makes us wake up every day and go for it? What makes us come to the end of our days with a sense of satisfaction?

Relationships with others

We are wired to thrive with relationships. Our overall well-being is deeply connected to our ability to make and keep good relationships. We need friends, we need family and we need partners. If we don’t have people to do life with we are miserable. And the more we give into these relationships and do life TOGETHER, the more we feel like our life has meaning. And purpose. If I died, someone is better because I lived.

Build quality relationships people. Give into the people in your life. Call them on their birthdays, visit them when they are sick. Find out how their day or week went. Make their lives better with your life and you will have a greater sense of meaning attached to your own.

Have faith

At some stage in your life, you are going to have to ask yourself the question: what is going to happen when I die? Having a belief in something more and in a “next life” gives this life direction, meaning and purpose.

It turns your action from momentary gains into something which can hold eternal value – that’s a pretty big deal. Faith keeps you motivated, it gives you direction. It helps establish your moral compass and becomes the foundation stone to your decisions. Think about it, if you haven’t. Think about what certain religions stand for. Talk to people about their experiences. Don’t spend half your life focused on YOU, and without any sense of anything else.

Solving problems

Solve problems – there are lots. The neighbourhood is messy – grab a group together and go out to do something about it. Your Mother in Law’s garden needs mowing – mow the garden. Your boss needs help with a presentation. Help out. Don’t be picky. We don’t have to focus on world peace here guys. Small problems and small resolutions matter. They make someone’s life better. Make the planet better. They are important and they give you and your life a sense of purpose. It’s beautiful, true and will make you MUCH happier than if you sit around expecting everyone else to do all the solving. Go solve a problem. Come on. Any problem.

As humans, we need a reason to get through the valleys. We need a reason to wake up in the morning when it’s raining outside, you didn’t get much sleep and the deadline for the article (this one) was yesterday. You need an “it’s hard, but it’s worth something”. Find your why. Search for it, pursue it, and keep it.

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