Our thoughts play a major role in what we do, say and how we live our lives. Often what we spend our time thinking about will translate into words, actions and behavior. Positive thoughts undoubtedly produce positive energy and negative thoughts , negative energy. So what is on your mind ? What do you spend time thinking about?

A very famous book called The Bible says in one of its Proverbs (23:7): “For as he thinks within himself, so he is…”, further supporting the fact that who we are cannot be separated from what we think about. It’s natural human tendency to ponder on matters that are of concern to us, but have you ever noticed how easy it is to ruminate on negative experiences or something wrong done to us than it is to do on the positive moments of our lives?

I often hear it said, and i’m guilty of this, that it’s not easy getting over something hurtful, and it is true. But why is it that we easily forget or rather quickly get over the positive moments that made us smile or reminded us that life can be beautiful too? Or that proud moment when we achieved something we have been working on for a long time? Not every good thing we have came in a magnificent and glittery way, things that matter most in life are the simplest ones we often overlook such as : being in good health, having family or friends who really care for us, live in a peaceful environment etc. We could go on and on and find that, we have plenty to be grateful for and focus our positive energy on.

The challenge i’d like to pose to you today is, try to catch your thoughts every now and then, find out what is it that you are constantly thinking about. Is it positive or negative? Remember that being negative, even just in your thoughts, can drain you mentally, emotionally and physically too. Keep yourself in good shape by focusing your thoughts on what really matters most. We’re not suggesting that you ignore situations in your life that aren’t positive right now , not at all. What we’re saying is , watch your thoughts and don’t let them become an open door to a pattern in words and behavior that you won’t be proud of.

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