It’s an age-old question and one which makes us feel something deep inside of us – what is love? In our high tech world of information that is available at our fingertips whenever we want it, isn’t it amazing that there are certain things that a search engine can’t satisfy? Love is one of the great mysteries of the human experience. At one time or another along the journey of life, love is something we will search for, grapple with, revel in and sometimes doubt and question. It doesn’t matter if you are a romantic and idealist poetry student in university or you are cold-hearted, merciless killer, something within us all yearns for love.

For some, the definition of love is that it is a feeling. A man sees a woman walking across the street and senses an attraction rising in him. For some reason, he starts to believe that he loves her. Is that love? Others define love as a decision. A woman in an abusive relationship bites the bullet, sacrificing her life possibly for the sake of her kids, and decides she will take the punches and the hurtful words from the man who was supposed to look after her. She will love, no matter what. Is that love then?

What is love? Often, we hear people use terms like “looking for love” or make the declaration on rooftops, mountaintops and all kinds of -tops that they have “found love”. If love is something we can look for and then find in people, why does the slightest wind that blows cause us to break up and look for it elsewhere? Surely love, if it is something of real value, shouldn’t be subject to our moods and whims. We humans are fickle beings, aren’t we? Isn’t it sad that even the things that are supposed to be above the level of our inconstant nature are also reduced to fads like last year’s hottest pop album, trending hashtags, selfies or this summer’s must-wear accessories?

There must be more to love than this.

We believe in love as an eternal thing – something that transcends human understanding. Because it is such an indescribable force, it can’t possibly originate from man’s philosophies or his clever ideas. Dare I say it, love does not come from man. Perhaps you’re longing for something deeper in your life right now. You might be reading this now and be tired of the fad-style approach to love in your life.

We want to share with you the simple story of a love that has lasted generations and still has so much more to give to everyone who accepts it. As we all celebrate love as the core of Christmas is all about, we want you not to forget the truly loving one after whom Christmas is named. We invite you to click on the link below and hear more about the love we at 1Africa believe in.

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