You’ve all seen the pictures. All the hoards of Christian protestors outside of *insert political building of choice. They are picketing against abortion or gay rights (those are the two favourites, but there are usually a host of issues which they have issue with).

It’s becoming more and more common to hear people of faith complain because the political parties in charge of their nation aren’t aligned with their personal beliefs.

For starters, there is something about this which feels a little bit arrogant. Why should everyone have to agree with your beliefs?

What’s more, laws regulating moral behaviour are not the best way to produce morality in people.

All the concern around whether or not the laws of a country align with the Bible makes me think that as Christians (I am one, so I can say this!) we have missed the foundational truth of Christianity. Moral works aren’t enough to save us from sin; the bad things we do. A relationship with God and Jesus working in our hearts is the way true transformation takes place, not a whole set of rules.

Making people sign up to a religion’s practices doesn’t actually make them followers

Christianity is about people’s hearts and not their behaviour. You can behave as perfectly as you wish and that won’t make you a good person nor will it win you a place in God’s favour. Christianity is unique in that it is a religion which shows us that God cares about us enough to come down to earth to live a perfect life and set us free. It is based on nothing more than a belief in Christ, and the transformation which is a result of that belief.

Jesus didn’t make it a rule. The story of Christ lies with us

Jesus never brought his kingdom or His ways into the earth through political rules or regulations. He brought His kingdom through friendship, teaching and relationship. We aren’t ever supposed to force someone into a faith. We are supposed to encourage them and believe in them and tell the story of Christ’s goodness in our lives.

We should be more concerned about the genuineness of our faith as opposed to the allegiance of political parties

I’m convinced that the world would be a better place if each of us lived out the reality of our faith with conviction and integrity instead of imposing it on others.

People don’t respond well to pressure

I’ve had those marketing people call me up. Sure, okay, they are paid to do it, but still I can’t help but squirm every time they call because I know. Know! they are going to try to pressure me into purchasing something which I don’t want. Even if I am remotely interested, their pushy style soon puts a stop to any of that interest.

You don’t need to push your faith on anyone. You don’t need to manipulate or legislate people into a belief. It simply doesn’t work.

Christians don’t have the right to live completely separated from people who don’t share the beliefs and practices of their faith.

It makes no sense to try to live in a little bubble. It contradictory to what the Christian faith professes and it’s not good for anyone to live in a group of people who are exactly the same as they are. We all need to have our mindsets challenged and we need to hear and experience differing opinions.

People have a right to live in ways you disagree with and we need to be open-minded enough to realise this.

Jesus criticised people for being into religion for religion’s sake

If your faith is just there to make you feel better than someone else, if it is just there so that you can march on into Heaven at the end of your life, then you may want to consider what it really is that you believe. We weren’t put on the planet to force or oblige people into Heaven. We were put on the earth to find a Saviour and then share this good news with those around us. As soon as we turn our faith into something else, we have done it an injustice.

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