Many say Kim Kardashian has no talent whatsoever and, therefore, does not deserve to be famous. But who, in the world of cyberspace, does not know Kim Kardashian? This name is so popular that when you type “Kim” in Google, “Kardashian” will definitely be one of the first few options you get on the drop down list. Last year, her nude photo shoot for Paper Magazine caused the internet to erupt in a chorus of  disgust or delight depending on personal views. And early this year, she got the world engaged in a debate on the colors of a certain dress. Who can forget the dress saga?

So I found myself asking: how does Mrs West manages to be so influential to the point of starting a debate involving scientists, TV personalities and other ‘great minds’ etc, without any apparent talent? Another question followed : How come those who do have talents aren’t doing anything this dramatic with them?

Kim takes whatever she does seriously and does so with full force. What is, to many, a silly debate or an undignified photo shoot, is her way of cultivating and securing her place at the forefront of the fashion and entertainment industry. If going full blonde, exposing her body, or striking unnecessary debates on social media is all Kim is capable of doing, then she must be doing it extremely well with the willingness to go the extra mile.

We can criticize Kim all we want but the question to ask ourselves is, what are we doing with the great talents we possess or claim to possess? With no apparent or obvious talent, a young woman has managed to dominate the world of social media for days, influencing what’s being discussed on TV. If this kind of drive was to be put into a political career, in arts or technology etc, wouldn’t it enrich many lives?

What I have learned from Kim Kardashian is that no matter how little you think you have, even if you appear to have nothing, if you believe in yourself, dedicate yourself to that little, put in some hard work, and believe beyond hate speeches, criticism and stumbling blocks that you will make it, chances are you will. I am not advocating for the immoral things the world of entertainment puts in our faces daily, forcing us to accept as normal. Posting nude pictures online is downright wrong!

What I am saying is if people are willing to go as far as getting us to debate over clothing just for fun, you with a great ability to write , to speak in public , to teach etc, should do more with the gift you have. Our gifts and talents originate from a Creator who has made us for a purpose. Coming to a place of maximizing them may be impossible without first seeking out a relationship with Him. If you’d like to know more about God and His plan for your life in the context of the things we’ve shared in this piece, click on the banner below.