I read this statement recently,

“The things you say about others, say a lot about you.”

That’s quite challenging, isn’t it? Gossip tells you a lot about where you are in your own life.

For example, gossip can tell you if you are feeling jealous, insecure, angry, mistrustful or being malicious. It may seem quite harsh but I believe we need to shine a light on it.

The young mom who gossips about other moms may be feeling insecure about her parenting skills. The co-worker who gossips about you may be jealous of your position.

What do you do when you hear gossip? Do you automatically believe it or do you check facts? Do you believe the best in people or assume the worst? These are good, yet challenging, questions for us all.

It can be hurtful when people gossip about you. But there is an important truth to remember when it comes to gossip. When people gossip about you it’s not personal. Even though it feels like it is because they are talking about you. It’s actually not about you. It is rather about them. It says more about them that they are discussing you and speaking badly of you behind your back than it is about what you said or what you did.

Of course, we should always be open to feedback from others but gossip is not feedback. If people do not have the courage to maturely bring me feedback then I refuse to take to heart anything I have heard them say behind my back.

Let’s not be known as a gossip within our families, friendship circles or workplaces. Rather, let’s believe the best about each other. If we have an issue, let’s have the courage to address it with the person directly. If we are not willing to do that, then let’s determine to not say anything at all.

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