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We are spiritual beings.  This is something with which most people will agree.  There’s a culture of church attendance the world over, but there are many other avenues too it would seem. Sometimes people will practice yoga or reiki, or something similar, and the many beliefs that stem from that.  We all seem to gravitate towards something that can offer meaning to our confusing lives.  We lose a loved one and wonder what has happened to them now that they have passed on. We meditate, we pray, we read tea leaves, we seek a clairvoyant.  We want answers and direction and meaning and there are options everywhere you look.  It’s God or the Universe, a church or a temple, power from above, or power from within.  We search, we find, we search, we re-assess, we question. What works and what doesn’t?  What is true and what isn’t?  For some, it’s a life-long journey; for others, they make up their hearts and minds at a young age and stay the course their whole lives.

I watched a YouTube clip sometime earlier in this week, and that is what sparked this post.  The video itself had nothing to do with this topic but a comment that was made by the presenter got me thinking.  He was talking about life and how we make choices that effect us and how we can search our whole lives to find what works for us, like we might do with our spiritual beliefs.  My initial thought was how challenging it must be to find a spiritual belief that works for you. If you need to find one that ‘works for you’, then it becomes about what feels comfortable or makes you feel good about yourself.  This might imply a spiritual belief system that makes me feel comfortable with who and what I am, despite the way I choose to live my life.  A belief system that embraces me with all my choices, celebrates them, and allows me to express myself the way I want to and feel I deserve to be.  It’s all about ‘me’ then at the end of the day, and what I like.  A bit like choosing what sport you want to practise or the brand you feel most comfortable wearing.  Taking a long time to address your spiritual choices allows you to select, tailor-make and be content.  This makes people happy. Now, let me tell you what I believe.

As I briefly share this, take note that I am not judging, but sharing my choice.  I trust you are pleased with yours.  About 11 years ago, I chose to become a Christian.  I’d like to phrase that better if I may; I chose to become a follower of Jesus; a choice that happily excludes me from much of what has become church traditions.  My choice came from the knowledge and acceptance that the choices I’d been making, although very pleasing to me in the short term, were probably going to bomb out on me somewhere in my life.  I was hurting myself and others with my selfishness.  So there I was, wanting to change.  I believed that my mistakes and my past failures, could be forgiven by God.  The consequences remained, but the guilt could be kicked to the curb!  I acknowledged my many weaknesses and instead of just embracing them, I chose to be inspired, guided and empowered by Someone infinitely more powerful and loving than I could ever be.  That would mean then that there is a better version of me, with a lot of Help thrown in there.  I believed that I had been created to do something; a special task that only I could do because only I live in my space, with my area of influence; one totally different to even a family member or work colleague’s.  I could make a difference in the world, by just being me; again, with a lot of Help.  Over the last decade, I’ve been sad, hurt, desperate and lonely, but I’ve also loved, and celebrated and shouted for joy and seen dreams realised. These are not just my dreams, they are exceedingly-more-than-I-could-ever-hope-for-or-imagine kind of dreams.  I am never alone.  I don’t have to rely on myself alone for success, or just settle for what makes me comfortable.  I can be stretched, challenged, rebuked, taught and re-directed, and not by several different people or elders; but by one Person, one Who knows me personally, and exactly what is best for me.  I am loved unconditionally.  I have worth beyond anything I am or can achieve.  I am accepted despite my past, and have a hope for the future that won’t make my heart sad.  I know who I am now, and the path I have traveled is one that I could never have found or walked on my own.  I know where I’m off to when my days on earth are done, and I’ve done nothing on my own to deserve it, or I’d never be completely sure of my destination.  I don’t have to perform to find acceptance or do anything to accept this favour and freedom that I enjoy.  I’m done with ‘doing’, since it’s all been done for me.  I can breathe easily, and live!

This is my story, and it’s changed my heart.  How about you, what do you believe? Let us know, because we’d love to have a conversation about faith and what moves you spiritually.


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