There are many schools of thought about God. Some people believe He exists. Others say He’s something we’ve made up to help us get through life. Then there are those who really aren’t sure what they think or believe. Questions about who God is have been around since forever but let’s just suppose that God is real and is who He says He is. Let’s just say that He is the creator of all things, all-powerful, all-knowing and all-present. What on earth could God want you or I for?

To do something through us

God is more than capable on His own to achieve His ends. The bible tells of occasions when He parted oceans, sent fire from heaven and employed donkeys to get things done, but more often than not He uses people. It’s been asked many times where is God when people are dying without food? When people are being killed in wars? Where is God when children are abused and neglected? The bible tells us that those who believe in Jesus are his hands and his feet in the world. Normal people are the means God uses to reach out to those who are hurting, in need or in danger. God wants to be included in your life so that through you He can make this world the place it was always intended to be.

To do something for us

God cares about our lives. He is well aware that there are times when we are hurting or in need. He knows exactly how hard it can be to live in a world that is less than perfect. The bible tells us that God’s desire for us is to have hope. His plan for your life is to give you a future. He wants to be the place we take all our worries, our fears and for us to leave them there. God wants to heal us physically, emotionally and to see us living a life that is full and lavish.

To do something in us

Let’s be honest, nobody is perfect. Popular culture tells us to embrace our shortcomings and flaws and accept our weaknesses. God has a different plan. Instead of leaving us to accept our issues and live with the consequences they cause us God wants to give us a fresh start. The bible talks about the fact that God wants to make us new and separate us from the things in our past that often trip us up and cause us to be less than we were intended to be.

God is interested in us. He wants to be a part of our lives but the only way this can happen is through the person of Jesus. When we acknowledge that Jesus is God’s son and accept him as our way to be made right with God, then we make it possible for God to do the things He wants to in our lives.

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