I recently came across this advert for the John Lewis online store. It’s a quirky little video about a little boy who couldn’t wait for Christmas.┬áThe thing that really got me though, was the tag line at the end, “for gifts, you can’t wait to give”. Where I was convinced the boy was waiting to open his Christmas presents to see what he ‘got’, he was actually waiting anxiously for when he could ‘give’.

For me I got reminded immediately of what God ‘gave’ when he gave us Jesus (who knows, maybe He was like this little boy, excited to see our response?), and the reality of this cute little story is that we don’t only get to celebrate that very fact, but we get to give that same gift to others, not only on Christmas, but everyday. We get to receive AND to give the greatest gift of all. – Jesus.

The message of the Gospel, is something that we get to give to all people, any time, any day.~
– and we don’t even need to wait till Christmas.