We all know foundations are important. They are what support buildings and houses. Without them, buildings would crumble. But what are the foundations of your life? Did you know you should have solid things you are building your life on? What happens if you don’t?

There was this beautiful, massive tree that had fallen over in a storm. What was fascinating was that despite the size of the tree, its roots were surprisingly shallow as they lay exposed. No wonder this tree couldn’t withstand the storm, despite its great size.

That’s why it’s important to have solid foundations that you build your life on. So that when things get tough, you are still standing.

It’s interesting to me that in tough times, the foundations of our lives are what get attacked first. For example, you may have that nagging thought, “Why are you staying pure and keeping yourself for your spouse? No one else is.” Or another one could be, “Why are you putting God first in your life? It’s not working.”

Having strong foundations is important to success in life. Building on them ensures that your life will keep moving in a good direction.

Here’s some thoughts on how to achieve this:

  1. Stand firm: When tough times come, when your foundations and values are under attack, keep standing on what you know is right.
  2. Keep building on the right foundations: Pursue a relationship with God; be integrous, generous, and kind. These are amazing foundations to cultivate if you want to be successful in life.
  3. Remember, you’re building for the next generation: Our lives are never just about us. It doesn’t end with you. The foundations you build on today will set up future generations to come for success. They often say that our kids start building where we left off. Therefore, it’s even more important to build on the right foundations.

So what are the foundations of your life? It’s a sobering question and one I hope we will all give some thought and introspection to.

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