You see yet another wounded damaged soul, someone who is ready to go to war, someone who needs you to fight on their behalf, let’s not forget you’re also their spiritual parent, counselor, mentor, their main go-to problem solver, and fixer of everything. Sound familiar ?

You are the world’s greatest fixer, and you simply don’t know how to stop yourself from fixing everyone or everything! You smell a problem, or see something broken in someone else and you feel compelled to fix it or to fix them. You feel a sense of purpose when fixing everybody else’s problems, and brokenness that you often end up neglecting to take care of yourself. Because all you do is fix, you are a fixer that makes the broken feel safe and welcomed. It’s rather bitter-sweet, because fixers like myself, naturally empathize with hurting souls, and we immediately want to help wherever we can. Often at the expense and detriment of our own well-being.

Fixing others can be exhausting

I have always been a little bit of a fixer, a helper to others who haven’t always had the best life. Because I am intuitive and read people well, I naturally make others feel welcomed, loved and safe. Which are all good things, the danger lies when I let it become something that it shouldn’t. For example fixers, like myself want to naturally help others, so much so that we will feel burdened  by someone else’s pain, which can lead to enabling (or overlooking) others weaker areas, or blind spots as opposed to challenging or correcting it, because we feel emotionally responsible, sensitive, and therefore tread cautiously around said people.

Let God be the hero

I have also found that when I have tried to be the superhero to every need and crisis, I always end up feel anxious, exhausted, overwhelmed and emotionally drained by it all. As I am so busy helping everyone else with their problems, that I am not taking care of myself.

A few years ago, I had to learn to be okay with the notion of not being everyone’s “little helper, or fixer, or personal super hero.” I was getting in the way of what God wanted to do and therefore I was becoming the distraction to others by playing their hero. Yes, people need to know that we love them, and that we want to encourage them, but God is the one who ultimately heals all brokenness, who restores and refreshes a weary soul. He is the one that gives peace that transcends all understanding. He is the one who has all of the answers, the right answers.

If only we would step back, trust, and let God do what only He can do in the lives of the broken, and in us. We would see many miracles, and many breakthroughs in the lives of others. We can help to encourage those in need, we can pray for them, and we can cheer them on as we see God bring them to their miracles. Instead of worrying about everyone else, and feeling the constant urge or need to fix, rather give it to God and let Him do the healing and fixing.

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