Whether we think about it or not, every day we walk by faith. That’s right, today just by walking, you are walking by faith.

You might be reading this thinking, “ I’m not even religious, so how can I be walking by faith?” or you might be wondering how faith has anything to do with walking.

Let me explain.  No matter where you walk, whether it be on the road, over a bridge or through a field – you have faith that the very thing you are walking on will hold you. You are putting your trust in the engineers who designed the bridge or the construction workers who laid the road. You have faith that with every step you take, you will not only be OK, but you will be able to take another step.  We have actually become so filled with faith that we don’t even have to look at what we are walking on; we can instead look ahead and focus on our destination.

So faith is something we all have in common.  The question is not whether you have faith.  The question is what do you put your faith in?

If the only faith you ever have is in the people and objects around you, you will eventually be let down.


The only person who promises to never let you down, no matter what happens is Jesus. Why not put your faith in him?  Jesus isn’t an old man with a wooden stick wanting to punish us every time we mess up; he wants to have a real, open relationship with us. He loves us unconditionally and died just so that we could have a relationship with him.

So make a choice.   Choose to not only put your faith in the ground you walk on… but also in the one who created it.


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