I was very young, not even a teen yet, when one afternoon my mom, a woman who values prayer, called my sister and me into her room and asked us to kneel. She explained that the prayer we were about to pray was one to invite Jesus into our hearts, and if we prayed sincerely, we would become children of God. Meaning, we will now allow God to be the one guiding us as we go through life. She led us in a short prayer that took less than 3 minutes.  That was a significant moment in both our lives, but being kids, nothing seemed to have a changed for us – we thought! Immediately after that payer, we went back to what was of utmost importance and pleasure to us, playing with friends.

Many years went by, and as you may have guessed, we went to church, we prayed, we sang in the choir, but none of this made much sense to me until the day I decided I wanted to know God for myself, rather than go through the motions of things my parents taught me.

It was only in my late teenage years, that God became real to me.

Today, my relationship with God is based on the trust I have in Him, knowing that His love for me and His character stand firm. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can depend on Him at all times. This is not something I was taught, but something I have personally experienced.

Why am I telling you this story? I’m glad you asked! It’s simply because you will never truly know God through some else’s experience. Mom did extremely well by introducing me to a relationship with God, but the responsibility to write my own story, to know what is true and not true about who people say God is, lay with me. I have my own experience and I cannot be swayed from what I know God to be.

Here is a snippet of prominent American actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry in an interview where he tells how he kept his faith in God during the most difficult times in his life, something his mom taught him when he was a kid.

So many things are said about God, some even say He doesn’t exist. Don’t you want to have a personal experience with God, a story that you could also tell one day? Choose to put aside what the Internet and opinionated men have to say about God. Get to know Him for yourself. If this is something you are willing to do, we would like you to watch a short video we have compiled which highlights how you can begin a relationship with God. We invite you to click on the banner below and watch the video.