New year, new you, new clothes. During that eventful last week between Christmas and New Year’s, many of us find ourselves party-hopping, panic-shopping, or perhaps just sleeping in. Some do all three in one day, given that there is so little time to do so much.

To help along that small leap from one digit to the next, many find comfort in feasting, fireworks and the fickle New Year’s resolution. Whether it’s a change in diet, love, lifestyle or wardrobe, a big New Year’s resolution is often difficult to keep—so the best resolution to make this 2015 is keep changing. At least in terms of wardrobe.

As January sets in, take the time to sort through your closet: keep the staples, get rid of old baggage, and hold on to promising pieces. In the spirit of being economical, there is literally no need to throw anything away. There are many practical solutions to keeping your wardrobe updated, like giving away clothes you don’t wear anymore. This will help create more space for the clothes you do wear still.

When do you know that your wardrobe needs a revamp? Here are ways to identify that:

wardrobe analysis

1. Your wardrobe is full and you have “nothing to wear.”

2. All your jeans have holes in them.

3. You’re always under-dressed or overdressed for certain occasions.

4. You have that old jersey you don’t want to get rid of, even when the colour has faded or it has holes in it.

5. Most of your clothes don’t fit you anymore.

So start the New Year with a new and well organized wardrobe. Wishing you a fashionable and stylish 2015!

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