As Easter weekend approaches and we celebrate the fact that Jesus Christ laid down His life for this needy world, the question comes to mind: Would I freely offer my life for family, friends or even someone I don’t know?

Though I know in my heart I would go to heaven, the thought of being killed terrifies me. Ever wonder why Jesus had drops of blood on his forehead? Maybe He saw what was going to happen to Him in a few hours’ time, yet He still freely gave Himself. Mainly because He was thinking about you and me.

Would I as a confessed Christian really give myself to be tortured, humiliated and killed in someone else’s place? Would I say “Take me, set them free?

In my heart I want to believe that I would be bold enough to utter those words, but…I’m really not sure.

So I cannot judge the disciples that ran away when Jesus was captured – because quite frankly I think the majority of us would’ve done exactly the same thing.

John 15:13

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