Early this week, the rising star of African and international comedy, Trevor Noah, featured in South African news headlines when it was reported that “yet another” of his relatives had passed away. The comedian then took to Twitter to express that this was news to him.


“Thanks to some crafty journalism my family and I have spent the whole day trying to figure out if one of us died. #awkward”


I’ve often been impressed by Trevor’s witty way of navigating the awkwardness that sometimes comes with being in the limelight as he is. We often don’t consider just how tough it is to constantly be in the public eye – always talked about, always scrutinized.

Well, enough about scrutiny and seriousness. Today’s just about having a good time. On our Lighter Side feature today, we celebrate the latest and greatest African icon to break into the big league. It takes a man with pretty big ones to go poke fun at Americans in America. Enjoy this video from his African American¬†show.