5 Words That Are On Fleek For 2015, And 5 That We Literally Can’t With Anymore.

So, here is our official guide to the k3wl 2015 slang and the lame old phrases of 2014 that need to go.

2015 approved:

  1. Bae:noun
    1. Technically stands for “before anyone else” but has been adapted to be synonymous with “baby” or “sweetie.”
    Used in a sentence:
    “Harry Styles is mybae, even though he may not know it.”
  2. Thirsty:adjective
    1. Not referencing actual thirst for a drink.
    2. Referencing someone’s desperation or over-eagerness.
  3. On Fleek:adjective
    1. On point. Game = strong.
    Used in a sentence:
    “Eyebrowson fleek!”
  4. Basic:adjective
    1. Unoriginal or mainstream
    2. Someone isbasic when they are solely interested in popular, commercial things.
    Used in a sentence:
    “All Rachel does is drink pumpkin spice lattes and play Candy Crush — she’s so basic.”
  5. Turn up:verb
    1. Getting pumped up.
    2. Origins date back to Lil Jon’s smash hit,”Turn down for what.”
    Used in a sentence:
    “I’m so exhausted, but that’s not going to stop me from turnin’ up tonight.”

Words To Leave Behind:

  1. Dope: adjective
    1. Super cool and relevant
    Used in a sentence:
    “I’m so jealous of Claudia’s Taylor Swift phone case, it’s sooo dope.”
  2. LMK:abbreviation
    1.Let Me Know
    Used in a convo:
    – “Are you coming to my party tonight?”
    – “I’m not sure, I have to study”
    – “OK, LMK.”
  3. I Literally Can’t:phrase
    1. When something is so amazing, you just can’t handle it.
    Used in a sentence:
    I literally can’twith Taylor’s shade of lipstick. She looks unreal.”
  4. Doe:conjunction
    1. Alternate (and more popular) spelling of ‘though’
    Used in a sentence:
    “I’m sort of excited for school, but not reallydoe.”
  5. Winning:verb
    1. When everything is going right. You are succeeding in life, and thereforewinning.
    2. Originally redefined by Charlie Sheen
    Used in a sentence:
    “Eyebrows on fleek and therefore, I am winning.”

Which other cool words do you use with your buddies? #CoolWordsAreFun