It was an ordinary evening, my husband and I were chatting in our bedroom and while I was busy talking to him, he starts laughing strangely and he comes over towards me and shifts me across the room without saying anything. He directs my face to look in the corner of the room, way up on the wall, on the ceiling next to the bookcase… then I see it… in this moment just imagine the “Jaws movie theme song” start playing, because that’s how I felt when I saw THE GECKO.

I am sure most of you are completely normal human beings and thinking “but a gecko is so small and she is well… bigger“.
The thing is fear and shock can mean different things to different people. Fear can come in any shape or form.
It can paralyze us into feeling numb and extremely overwhelmed!

My reaction: I jumped like a crazy woman onto the bed, while my husband attempted to catch the gecko. It was touch and go because we almost lost it when it ran behind the bookcase. Thankfully it resurfaced and my husband caught it a box, then it fell out of the box, ran under the door and down the stairs, he caught it again and let it free out the window. All the while I am jumping on the bed with the
“heebie-jeebies” no help to him at all, just all crazy bananas waiting for him to save me from the gecko.
One thing’s for sure, the windows will be staying closed tonight, I thought!

When I was a little girl, my dad would always save us (my mom, my sister and I) from spiders and any creepy crawlies.
We would just shout “DAD” in our nervous emotional voice and he would come running, he almost always knew that by the way we called out to him that we needed him to save us from a creepy crawly! He just laughed and stepped into “save the day” action immediately, while we stood on high chairs or beds and/or at the opposite side of the house. After the conquest, he would always end off with, “I GOT IT, IT’S GONE” and we would cheer on with so much relief in our voices!

During this evening’s pandemonium, I completely relied on my husband to save me, to help me, to fix the situation. I was numb with emotion and stricken with fear that the gecko would get lost in the room and at one point thought I wasn’t going to be able to sleep knowing the gecko was loose in our bedroom. Thankfully it was found and my heart rate could go back to normal and I could sleep in peace.

You probably thinking… hello Claudia it’s just a teeny tiny gecko, no big deal.

Yes it is a big deal to me. Same thing could be said for someone who is afraid of heights or tight spaces or afraid of birds.
It is such a horrible feeling. I prayed. I asked God to help us find the gecko because I knew it could have gotten lost behind the bookcase and then I wouldn’t have slept knowing it was lurking in the room. God helped us and all is well.

Exodus 14:13-14
“Don’t be afraid. Just stand still and watch the Lord rescue you today. The Egyptians you see today will never be seen again. The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.”

If I look back at my childhood, my dad rescuing me and now my husband doing the same. It reminds me of how God saves us, He rescues us. We just need to call out to him and say “FATHER I NEED YOUR HELP” and just as my dad knew by the sound of my voice what was wrong, and my husband knew that it would be a good idea to move me away from the gecko sighting spot, so does God our Father know every need and desire of our hearts.

We are all God’s children and in this life there are going to be many situations
that feel like those “creepy crawly” moments.
We just need to remember to CALL OUT TO OUR FATHER and ask for HIS HELP, He will fight for us.
HE WILL RESCUE US and RESTORE THE PEACE. We only need to be still. God will do the rest.
Just as my dad and my husband knew exactly what to do.
God knows. He knows everything!

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