Ever feel like there is something more? Like you could actually be someone really significant? What if I told you we all have that potential for greatness inside of us! Don’t believe me? Watch this video…

As human beings we always have this longing to be something greater, to achieve the unachievable, to go beyond what is seemingly possible. Yet somehow we seem to stop ourselves  from ever trying to reach these goals. Does it all point to the fact that we struggle with self belief or a fear that we will fall short? Is greatness only available to an elite few?

The thing we don’t realise is that there is greatness within us all, a strength that is pure and honourable, that has the ability to overcome any obstacle.  All we need to do is acknowledge and accept it. You see the secret to greatness isn’t out of our reach; it’s living within us.   I believe that secret is Jesus. So it’s not about who you are or what you have done, but it’s about the One that lives in you.


We are all born with a purpose, with a calling to greatness. .   Don’t allow your circumstances or people around you to ever stop you from believing you are called to greatness.   God will never give up on you, so you shouldn’t either.

You are called to do great things.

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