You may have heard recent news about Nick D’Aloisio, a 17 year old boy who just finalized a 30 million US Dollar deal with Yahoo who are buying his Summly App.

He developed this clever web application in his parents’ London home at the age of 15.  Wow!  Understandably, Yahoo is buying himtoo – the deal includes a lucrative 18 month Yahoo employment contract for him and his small team.

Stories like this are common – and getting more frequent.   For me, one of the things they highlight is that the world no longer built solely on age and stage, education and hierarchy.  Rather than paying attention to the social standing of their originators, the world is looking at the ideas, products and movements themselves.

In a similar vein, almost anyone is now able to have a global voice.  Look at what I’m doing right now – the fact that anyone can publish their thoughts, ideas, art, etc and make it accessible to anyone around the world without paying a cent (except for a connection) is amazing.  Right now, there are millions of people sharing visual media, news and thoughts with their Facebook ‘friends’ and on the dozens of other social media platforms.  400 Million tweets will fly out across the world today. In the next 60 seconds,  at least 700000 people will search for something on Google. What we read in newspapers today was yesterday’s news on social media. Gone are the days when the giant news agencies and secretive governments hold the power of information.  You hold the power of information.

Connectivity is changing the landscape.  The World is flat.  No longer is it all about being in the top position, or knowing the most powerful people, or having been around for the longest time.  The oldest and most qualified and loudest voices are no longer necessarily the ones being heard.

There is great opportunity in a flat world.


No longer do you need to be given the chance to share your thoughts and ideas – you have the chance now.  No longer do you need to wait until it’s your turn to take the ‘next step up the ladder’ – make you own ladder.

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