Question – If you had a time machine, what would you do with it?? Where would you go and why??

I was watching the animated cartoon Dexter’s Laboratory the other day. It’s the story of a boy genius who has a laboratory of his own and a really clumsy and annoying sister who pretty much makes his life difficult.

In this specific episode of the cartoon, Dexter made an error in his calculations which lead to him being eaten by a giant slime monster. In an effort to save himself, he sends a note to himself in the past through his sister Dee Dee, who delivers the note without hesitation. However, “old” Dexter does not listen to his futuristic sister and ends up in the same mess, trying to save himself in the same way… again.

We’ve all had a moment like that – maybe even a couple – when all we’ve wanted to do is go back in time so we could change the outcome of a rather unfavourable and/or embarrassing situation. It may have been the words we uttered or the behaviour we may have displayed but we’ve all hoped for the ground beneath us to open up and swallow us whole…

Sadly, life is such that once something has happened, it has happened… There are no do-overs or take backs – what is done is done. That’s why we’re constantly being told to make the most of every moment and make sure to enjoy it. But… what about those moments that aren’t so enjoyable, moments that would be better off forgotten? Could you pretend they didn’t take place, or do we have to live with those scars forever??

Well, life is simply a combination of good and not-so-good moments. It’s not about how bad the not-so-good moments are but rather how we let those moments affect our entire perspective on life. We can either be overwhelmed by the pain of the mishaps of our life or we can learn from and overcome them.

So get over it… laugh it off… move on… and just have fun!!!

There’s more to life than the embarrassing/awkward moments that occur in life…

Pulse Show 😉

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