Life, for the majority of us, has been one big roller coaster ride, irrespective of our age.  I think as we get older, so the amount of times we travel the  ride increases.

I loved growing up as a child!  I had a healthy family life, had many pleasant experiences, and just had so much fun!  Now, there were hair raising moments and many tears.  There were disappointments and regrets, but boy did I LIVE!

The scary thing about a roller coaster ride is that you just don’t know what to expect. There are exciting moments – those moments of pleasure and joy, happiness and peace.  Then there are those moments of fear, doubt and sadness.

I think the secret to life and all these roller coaster rides is that we can either hate them every single time, or we can learn from them, learn to appreciate the wisdom and knowledge gained from the experiences of life; and ultimately turn that unpleasant ‘ride’ into an attitude of gratitude – because even though bad things happen to us, we become stronger, wiser, and more courageous because of them.

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