So, it’s a fact that we all mess up.  We have all made mistakes along the way. Some bigger than others, but the truth is, a mistake is still a mistake, no matter the size.  The only common thing that all mistakes have is the need for some form of redemption.

Whether it be a simple apology or confessing to a crime, we all have this longing for redemption. It’s a deep desire to be forgiven and set free from what it is we have done. Often redemption requires a certain amount of effort or takes a certain amount of time to be obtained. This could be in the form of a prisoner seeing out their jail sentence or a husband having to wash the dishes for a week after shouting at his wife.

You see, that’s the thing with redemption, there is always a price attached to it. How can we possibly be redeemed for something if we do nothing to earn that redemption?

But that’s the very thing that makes Jesus unique.  The fact that we have done nothing to earn his redemption, yet he chooses to love us and forgive us anyway. Imagine committing the most heinous crime and even though you know and everyone else around you knows you did it, someone else volunteers to serve your time and take the ‘wrap’ for you?

That’s insane!  Who would do that?

The truth is, that’s exactly what Jesus did for us when he died on the cross. He died, so that no matter what we do or have done, God will love and forgive us. This redemption is free! We no longer have to act a certain way or do certain things to achieve it.  Instead all we have to do is accept the fact that we have messed up and need Jesus.

So take this free gift and live in freedom.  The price for your redemption has already been paid.

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