There is a dying currency of peace in today’s society. Just 50 years ago there were no cell-phones, social media or 24 hour television networks. Where there would have been moments of undisturbed silence after an analogue alarm there are now messages, emails and ‘likes’ to clutter up that first moment.

Go back another 50 years and people had to commute in silence. Imagine every car, bus and train ride – time to think or converse with others as the slow automobiles trundled along.

But even back before technology, peace was not something naturally retainable. Trauma, guilt, anger, jealousy and pain dominated peoples’ thoughts as much as they might do today. Even in Bible times there were people plagued with everything from worry through to demonic powers.

The Pursuit of Peace

One of the things I question is why we all have such a desperate internal desire for peace. Have we ever truly experienced it in this life? That perfection of complete bliss – where there is no trouble or impending trouble. Guiltless security with no animosity or betrayal; we all long for that serenity. But why?

By nature we should know otherwise. We should know that humanity is fundamentally flawed – bent on rash decisions and uninformed reactions. The domino effect of generations of suffering and sin seems to be catching up with our generation. Our dysfunctions range from Facebook ranting to sordid abuses. With vices that cripple, stupor and put us on trial we have no real right or reference for peace… do we?

But all of us desire for that secret moment of peace. That fulfilled quietness that nourishes our soul. Some attain a measure of it by walking by the sea. Others pay irresponsible amounts of money for holidays to achieve a degree as well. Spa’s have made the desire marketable. Security companies make billions every year on it. But internal peace is a different pilgrimage altogether. Many meditate and go to desperate measures under trances to reach some form of enlightenment – with much time and striving to do so.

The Prince of Peace

I believe we all have a desire for ‘world peace’ that won’t win us beauty pageants, but might just win us eternal life. I believe we all desire physical, emotional and spiritual peace because we have experienced it – before we were even conceived. In the Bible it says that God knew us before conception… which means we must have residues of heaven within our existence. And we long for the perfection of that peace.

But instead of striving, venting, paying or even killing for it – there is a way to have moments of peace this side of eternity. I believe true peace is when we are completely open to the love and mercy of God. When Jesus came to earth, He was announced as a Prince of Peace. His rule is not established through subjugating humanity, but in redeeming it from the power of sin and the shame we carry because of it.

I can attest to the peace of knowing Jesus. Through very hard times – whether losing all my luggage as a 12-year-old on my own in Eastern Europe, facing the fact my mom has cancer, or being unemployed and almost destitute for over a year – I have found supernatural peace that has empowered and comforted me. It’s a peace that does not make sense. It is not manifested externally at first. The world around you still goes on with injustice, suffering and competition, but all of a sudden things that are expected to ‘stick’ to you and weigh you down simply slide off of you.

This peace pours strength into when you are tired. It silences the turmoil of your emotions and helps you see your situations with clarity. It draws faith-filled people around you who can encourage you and impart wisdom. This peace is a person. And you can know Him intimately. He is consistently changing my life. I believe He can do the same for you. Click on the link below to find out more…

But why is the world in disaster if He is so easily known?

The world and its inhabitants are living in the repercussions of decisions to excluded God from life. It’s like denying the pilot access to the cockpit and expecting the plane to fly and land safely. Yes, it is heartbreaking watching the chaos of hurricanes and earthquakes. It is detestable how many people are trafficked and tortured every day. It is heartbreaking how many people have lost their loved ones and how families have been fractured due to unaddressed pain.

But Jesus will only take control of your life if you invite Him to. Does He allow bad things to happen? No. He is good all the time. But if we want nothing to do with peace personified, of course there is going to be chaos in our worlds! Knowing Jesus might not stop the tough things around you. But it will silence the storms inside of you. I pray you find the wonderful relief of knowing your Creator. I pray for peace to rule in your life.