Guarantee: a formal promise or assurance that certain conditions will be fulfilled, something that gives certainty of outcome.

People often say that in life there are no guarantees, that nothing is certain besides death.  But if that is true, then what is the point of living. If everything we try just leads to failure then why bother? Why have hope at all?

How can it be possible that in the modern day world nothing can be guaranteed?

But what if we are wrong, what if there is a guarantee, one that is 100 percent certain, something or someone that will never let us down.  Is it possible that something like that exists?

The answer is yes!

Jesus guarantees us life, and not just an empty unfulfilled life but rather a life that is filled with love and joy, a life that gives us freedom. This life cannot be taken from us, not even by death. We no longer have to worry about being let down or feel like we will never accomplish anything. Jesus has already won the victory, he loved us before we even knew him. All we have to do is just choose to live for him, what could be more simple.

So know that no matter what happens, whether it be disappointment, failure, death or disadvantage that there is one thing that is guaranteed, and that is that Jesus loves you and he will never let you down.


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