Love is possibly the most over used word.

I ‘love’ that song, I ‘love’ that place, I ‘love’ a certain food. While it may seem innocent enough the truth is that by over utilising this simple phrase we’ve manage to strip it of its real meaning.  As a consequence ‘Love’ has become less somehow.

Popular culture paints a very alluring picture of ‘love’. We see it in movies and music video.  You can read about it in books and see images of it on Instagram. It’s a ‘love’ that looks right and appears to fulfill all that we’re seeking after. It ticks all the right boxes; romance, attraction and the fairytale happy ending.  This may seem like the kind of love we should be looking for but the ‘love’ that is very often portrayed is not real.  It’s just a shallow copy of what love is.  The real question is what should love look like?

Almost but not quite right

Love doesn’t take away, it adds.  If the love you have somehow makes you less than who you are, it’s not love.  If love leaves you feeling fragile, lonely or uncertain, chances are that you’ve settled for something that may look like the kind of ‘love’ that you find in a pop song but isn’t the kind of love you need.

Love doesn’t build walls; it removes obstacles and brings us closer to others.  If you feel like you need to keep a part of you back and protect yourself from being hurt, that’s not love.  Love is open and vulnerable but safe and trustworthy at the same time.

Everyone seems to have a theory or opinion about love.   The Bible tells us that there is no greater love than the love that would put someone else’s needs before its own.  It’s not a selfish emotion, looking for what it can get or what it is owed.  It’s sacrificial, generous and uplifting.  This is the love that caused Jesus to give up His place in Heaven, be born to a humble existence on Earth and die to give us a chance to know God and be free from the consequences of our broken and damaged human nature.  It was the ultimate act of unselfish, generous, vulnerable, powerful love.

If you are looking for a love that will never let you down and allows you to be who you were made to be maybe you need to look at kind of love that God has for you.  If you would like to know how you can do this, please leave a comment or click on the link.

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