I stumbled across an article discussing the four agreements (be impeccable with your word,  don’t take anything personally, don’t make assumptions, and always do your best) Basically in a nutshell the article was encouraging that if we apply the four agreements within our working environments, through to relationships and friendships then it will help to strengthen ourselves as well as others.

These four agreements sound easy on paper, but can be actually quite hard to achieve. As it requires a constant effort to work on the following areas and be intentional about doing so.

Here’s a closer look at the four agreements:


Our words can be used to either build, encourage, empower others, whilst on the other hand they can breakdown, discourage , hurt others. Therefore, we need to be intentional whenever we are communicating with others to speak with love and integrity. 

  • Speak with love and integrity.
  • Say what you mean.
  • Avoid gossip, or speaking down on yourself or others.
  • Always speak the truth in love.


Often we read into things that aren’t even there or aren’t even true. Maybe we do that out of insecurity, because we lack the confidence to know who we are. Sometimes people may treat us according to their insecurities, therefore we need to know who we are to not let those words shape or define our character and confidence.

  • Listen to constructive criticism, and learn how to grow from it.
  • How others choose to speak to you or treat you is not always a reflection of you, sometimes others respond out of their own personal insecurities.
  • Know who you are, and never let others define who you are.


I don’t like assumptions personally. I feel that assumptions aren’t based on actual facts, they are merely created around our imaginations and perceptions of others. Sometimes we assume because we are too afraid to confront others and ask. Don’t fall into the assumptions.

  • If you aren’t sure about something, then find the courage to ask as means of understanding the truth with clarity.
  • Communicate clearly with others, be honest, open and as transparent as possible.


  • Sometimes we find ourselves in trying seasons and situations, which in turn may cause us to stress or may encourage us to quit without even trying. If we go in with the mindset of ” Just try and do your personal best” then you will walk away from that situation and season knowing that you did the best that you could possibly do, and whatever follows from it follows.

These four agreements may not be easy to successfully pull off on a day to day basis. Thank goodness that we can always press refresh and try our best regardless. Learning to actively apply things until it becomes a natural instinct may require patience and perseverance.

What do you think of the four agreements?

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